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Restorative Tooth Reshaping in North Royalton OHrestorative tooth reshaping

Over time, the enamel on teeth will wear down. In extreme instances, worn teeth can become misshapen. In more mild cases, you may begin to notice slightly mismatched teeth that are adjacent to each other, a chip, or an extra sharp canine. All of these potential scenarios can be solved or improved with Restorative Tooth Reshaping.

What is Enamel?

Tooth contouring involves the subtle removal of enamel. Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body and varies in color from grayish white to light yellow. Covering the outermost layer of each tooth, it acts as a shell to the crown and is primarily composed of minerals. Enamel acts as a shield to protect teeth from typical use such as crunching, grinding, chewing, and biting. Enamel also protects and insulates the teeth from drastic temperatures and chemicals. Even though enamel is a very hard and tough substance, it can wear down over time. Enamel can become misshapen in the form of chips, too sharp or jagged teeth, or uneven tooth length. This is where Restorative Tooth Reshaping comes in.

What is Restorative Tooth Reshaping?

Restorative Tooth Reshaping, also known as tooth contouring, involves using a drill to make subtle changes to the tooth enamel. These changes may involve softening the edge of a tooth to fit in with the surrounding teeth. After the drilling, the tooth is then polished to create a flawless finish. There are many cosmetic problems that can be solved with tooth contouring: slightly overlapping teeth, small chips, uneven tooth length, and pointy edges that may need to be smoothed out. Restorative Tooth Reshaping can also create a more masculine or feminine shape to the teeth by simply rounding out or squaring up edges.

Do I Need Restorative Tooth Reshaping?

Although subtle, Restorative Tooth Reshaping can give your smile a dramatically new look.

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Although subtle, Restorative Tooth Reshaping can give your smile a dramatically new look. Extra pointy teeth or small chips shouldn’t be the focus of your smile. Tooth contouring can update, soften, and polish your smile so the focus is you and not your dental flaws.

Tooth contouring is often combined with teeth whitening. Together, these two procedures will create a smile that is noticeably more brilliant. Contouring is also often used with dental veneers or cosmetic bonding—both of which are often used for larger cosmetic problems where more drastic reshaping is needed.

Tooth reshaping may not be an option you want to pursue if it results in a bite imbalance. Your dentist can help you determine if this is the case. If it is, there are other effective cosmetic dentistry procedures that you can pursue instead.

What to Expect

First, your dentist will examine your teeth to determine how tooth contouring will enhance your smile and correct any dental flaws or bite issues. This initial consultation will not only determine how reshaping will enhance your smile, but contribute to your overall dental health.

Most often, Restorative Tooth Reshaping only involves shaving off a miniscule amount of tooth enamel. Sometimes, it may be necessary to reshape the root surface in order to shield you from gum disease. If root shaping is required, an x-ray might be needed to protect the inner tissues or pulp.

Because tooth enamel is not living nor does it contain nerves, it is unlikely that a local anesthetic will be used. As your tooth is lightly sculpted, you will probably feel a subtle vibration. This is normal and expected. Sometimes after tooth contouring, the teeth may be sensitive to hot or cold products, but this is unlikely to last more than a day. Tooth reshaping procedures are brief and unobtrusive.

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At North Royalton Family Dental, we understand that proper dental health can enhance overall health. Let us assist you in achieving your best and brightest smile yet. Do you have overlapping teeth? Is there a chip in a front tooth that draws too much attention? Do you have a tooth that is longer than the rest? We can address all of these challenges and more. Our cosmetic dentistry services at North Royalton are catered to the needs and goals of our patients. If you think Restorative Tooth Reshaping is for you, schedule an appointment with us so we can help you on the road to a more healthy and brilliant smile.