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5 Thanksgiving Foods that can Stain Your Teeth

The winter holidays are a great time to enjoy time with friends, family, and eating delicious food. Dr. Taylor and his team members are excited to celebrate the upcoming holidays with you! But, as your North Royalton cosmetic dentist, we want to make sure that you’re still taking care of your dental health. Did you know there are some popular Thanksgiving foods that can stain your teeth? Dr. Taylor made a list of 5, and what you can do to avoid staining your teeth, while still enjoying the holiday!5 Thanksgiving foods that can stain your teeth

  1. Cranberry Sauce

    We all know that cranberry sauce shouldn’t be anywhere near white shirts, carpet, or furniture–but did you know that the same could go for your teeth? Because of its dark color, cranberry sauce can stain your teeth. And, the high acidity in cranberries can wear away your enamel. If you love cranberry sauce, however, just make sure you eat it in moderation, wash it down with water, and brush your teeth afterwards.

  2. Wine

    Like cranberries, red wine is a known perpetrator of stains.The same, unfortunately, also applies to white wine. Your North Royalton cosmetic dentist recommends you limit your red wine intake, and also make sure you’re washing it down with water.

  3. Coffee

    Coffee is another pretty obvious danger to tooth stain, but you may be drinking more than normal during the holidays. If you’re trying to keep up with cooking, cleaning, and spending time with your loved ones, and you need a caffeine boost, drink your coffee! Just make sure you brush your teeth afterwards, and limit your use of creamer.

  4. Balsamic Vinegar

    If you’re a family that serves salads at Thanksgiving, balsamic vinegar may be a popular dressing. While it is a lot lighter and more versatile than your typical ranch dressing, its dark color and acidity can stain and harm your teeth. But if you must have your balsamic, try eating it in moderation.

  5. Pie

    Not just raspberry and blackberry pie! Any pie with a lot of sugar can wreak havoc on your teeth if you eat too much of it. So, save some of that pie for later, and be sure to brush and floss afterward!

Even though some of the most popular Thanksgiving foods can harm your teeth, we don’t want you to go without your favorites! Just make sure you give your teeth some extra attention and care after the holidays. If you need your teeth whitened for the holiday, or to make sure your teeth are in the best possible shape, give us a call today! And, Happy Thanksgiving from our office to you!

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