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Top 10 Things Your Dentist Wants You To Know

North Royalton Family Dental is here to help you keep your teeth beautiful and healthy!

Have you ever heard the saying “Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.”? Well life is also wonderful and it’s even more wonderful when you have a beautiful smile. Here’s some advice to help keep those pearly whites healthy and strong and stay in your mouth for a long time to come.

  1. Oral Hygiene is #1

    The state of your oral health is a good indicator of your overall health. Healthy teeth and gums are directly related to having a healthy cardiovascular system.

  2. Floss Daily

    Flossing is so important! We know it can be easy to forget to do it and it’s easy to think that it won’t matter. But it matters so much. Do it every day. It will take out food particles and plaque that can cause cavities and other dental issues.

  3. We Understand Your Worries

    The dentist office can be a nerve racking experience for some. It’s important to be confident in the dentist office you are choosing and there are many choices out there. Let the friendly faces at North Royalton Family Dental help you to have a calm and enjoyable experience.

  4. Teach Them Young

    Children learn by example. Show your kids how important and fun it can be to take care of their teeth. It is a life-long skill, that if done correctly, will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

  5. X-Rays are Safe

    Dental x-rays use an incredibly low amount of radiation. The risk of skipping x-rays is greater than having them taken at regular checkups. They should be an important part of maintaining your dental health.

  6. Chew Gum!

    Well, gum that contains xylitol that is. Chewing gum which contains xylitol has been proven to actually help prevent cavities.

  7. Go to the Dentist Often

    Stay current with your dental checkups and procedures. Remember, your dental health is a good indicator of your overall health. Your mouth will thank you.

  8. Don’t Ignore Bleeding Gums

    Bleeding gums can be a sign of something worse going on and can be the first sign of gum disease. Give us a call and we can determine if it is a sign of something more serious.

  9. Say No to Soft Drinks

    Unfortunately, soda is not very good for the health of your teeth. The ingredients can erode and weaken your teeth. If you must drink it, remember to rinse and brush afterward.

  10. Eat a Healthy Diet

    What doesn’t a healthy diet help with, right? Eating foods generally considered to be healthy will minimize the chance of getting cavities and can help promote healthy gums.

We want to see your beautiful smile. Call North Royalton Family Dental today and we will make sure you have an amazing experience.

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