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Treatment For A Cracked Tooth


As a dentist in North Royalton, you see oral health problems every single day. We’re presented with loads of different issues, and there’s always one that seems to cause a lot of concerns; cracked teeth.

If you have a cracked tooth, it’s easy to freak out and get really worried. Things are made worse if the tooth is painful! The good news is that you can have cracked teeth and not worry about getting treatment. Some cracks are so shallow that you don’t even notice them until your dentist mentions it at your checkup. No treatment needs to be carried out on these, though you will receive advice on things you should stop doing to prevent the cracks worsening.

But, for deeper cracks that are causing symptoms – such as pain or discomfort when biting down – then treatment is recommended. Your dentist will carry out a full examination to figure out how best to treat your cracked tooth and free you from any pain.

What treatments are available for a cracked tooth?

The treatment you receive will depend on the state of your cracked tooth. In some cases, a dental crown is seen as the best option. With a crown, we can place a restoration over the tooth, holding it together. This stops both sides from moving apart while restoring the normal function and look of your tooth.

If your crack is so deep that its damaged the pulp below the tooth, then a root canal may be required. Here, your dentist removes any damaged pulp while restoring some structural integrity to the tooth. In very extreme cases where the tooth is severely cracked and has caused lots of damage to the roots, then extractions are seen as an option.

However, as mentioned, tiny cracks usually don’t warrant any treatment at all. If you have no symptoms, then there’s no need to do anything.
What causes cracked teeth? So many things can lead to cracks in your teeth. The most common causes we deal with are:

  • Grinding your teeth
  • Chewing on extremely hard foods (like hard candy)
  • Trauma to the tooth – caused by some sort of accident

When do you need to see a dentist if you have a cracked tooth?

If you experience symptoms alongside your cracked tooth, then you should definitely see your dentist. Typical symptoms include pain, sensitivity, inability to chew properly, and general discomfort. This indicates that the crack is clearly more than just an aesthetic problem. You’ll need a full exam, followed by the appropriate treatment.

If you have no symptoms, it’s probably not worth seeing your dentist right away. Mention it at your next checkup, or you can still book an appointment just to be on the safe side – it’s up to you!

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Don’t let a cracked tooth keep you in any pain. At North Royalton Family Dental, we offer treatment for people with cracked teeth. Contact us today, and we will schedule an appointment as soon as possible. You’ll undergo a detailed examination where your dentist will diagnose the extent of the problem. Then, we’ll provide treatment to sort out your cracked tooth!

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