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Routine Check-ups and Cleanings

Some patients dread going to the dentist office; the team at North Royalton Family Dental wants to clear up that anxiety and discuss why routine check-ups and cleanings are vitally important. Your overall health is tied to your oral health, so it is very important to take care of your teeth and gums. One of the most effective ways to manage your oral health is by performing routines like cleanings and examinations. Take a moment to read below to learn what these check-ups and cleanings are, why they’re effective, and what they entail.

Routine Cleanings

What are Routine Check-ups and Cleanings?

A routine check-up is an appointment in which the dentist examines and assesses the condition of your current oral health in comparison to your last check-up. By doing these routinely, you can ensure that any oral health issues that arise are caught before they become too severe. Routine cleanings help manage your oral health as well; a dental cleaning in our offices can do more than just at home dental cleanings.

Is a Routine Check-up and Cleaning Right for You?

The team at North Royalton Family Dental believes that all routine check-ups and cleanings are right for everyone. You should ideally be receiving bi-annual check-ups; meaning you should be visiting our offices at least twice a year. This time frame allows us to see if anything has changed since your last visit as there can be oral health deterioration over time as a result of neglect or other factors. Additionally, remember to practice good oral health care at home; meaning that you should be brushing, flossing, and utilizing a mouth wash or fluoride rinse daily.

What Does a Routine Check-up and Cleaning Involve?

When at your routine check-up and cleaning, one of our trained dental hygienists will clean your teeth by removing tartar with a small metal tool. From there, the hygienist will perform the following: flossing, polishing, and fluoride application. On an as needed basis, the dentist will take x-rays of your teeth to get a better view of the condition of your oral health. If the dentist sees a cavity, he may have you come back for a filling at a later appointment. If the decay has progressed more, he may recommend gum disease therapy to help you out. If you haven’t already received dental sealants, then sealants might be applied to the chewing surface of your teeth to help prevent bacteria and food from getting stuck in the grooves of your teeth. Your dentist might discuss what kind of foods and drinks you consume to ensure that you are receiving the minerals and vitamins you need while avoiding things that can be damaging to your oral health. Dental check-ups are also a good time to show patients the proper way to brush and floss. To summarize, a dental check-up and cleaning can involve the following things:

We recommend an exam and dental cleaning every six months so we can locate teeth that may need preventive care. Your good oral health is important to us!

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  • A thorough teeth cleaning involving tartar removal, flossing, polishing, and fluoride application.
  • Dental x-rays as needed.
  • Dental sealants as needed.
  • Oral health and dieting discussion; what foods and drinks are you consuming, how is your flossing and brushing, etc.

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Routine check-ups and dental cleanings are a very important part in keeping your teeth and gums happy and healthy. If you would like to make an appointment for a dental cleaning and a routine check-up, you can make one via phone or online today. If you have any questions regarding the dental services we offer or about what our routine checkups and cleanings entail, please contact us as we are standing by to help you. North Royalton Family Dental has made its mission to provide some of the best dental care out there to the residents of Ohio.