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10 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

If you’re like most people, you already know that a bright, winning smile increases self-confidence and opens both personal and professional doors. If your teeth aren’t quite as white as you’d like them to be, keep reading for more information on achieving and maintaining the smile of your dreams.

Don’t Use Tobacco Products

Tobacco products never fail to leave a telltale yellowish-brown stain on the surface of the teeth. Once these stains develop, they are very difficult to remove because they get into the grooves between the teeth and settle deeply into the enamel.

Use a Straw

Using a straw when you drink certain types of beverages minimizes the contact these beverages have with the surface of the teeth. Dark-colored fruit juice, soda, wine, coffee, and tea are all among the usual suspects when it comes to beverages that stain teeth. You’ll also decrease your chances of developing tooth decay and other dental health issues by using a straw.

Limit Foods That Create Stains

Blueberries, blackberries, and other dark fruits can stain your teeth. Because these foods are also known for their health benefits, it’s not recommended to cut them out altogether. Brushing your teeth shortly after eating them helps reduce the possibility of staining, and you can also put them in a blender and whip up a nutritious and delicious smoothie that can be consumed through a straw.

Consume Plenty of Calcium

Stains often begin to occur as the tooth enamel is eroded. Calcium promotes good dental health by strengthening the enamel of your teeth. Milk, cheese, broccoli, and yogurt are all good sources of dietary calcium.

Cut Back on Sugar

Sugar is another major culprit when it comes to staining teeth because it provides a prime habitat for bacteria that causes stains, gingivitis, and tooth decay. Whenever possible, brush and floss after enjoying a sweet treat.

Chew Sugarless Gum

Although sugarless gum will never take the place of brushing and flossing, it can help protect your teeth against stain-causing bacteria when you’re not able to brush and floss. Gum containing Xylitol is especially effective at combating bacterial growth.

Eat Plenty of Raw Fruits and Vegetables

Raw fruits and vegetables with plenty of crunch, such as apples and celery, help rub away plaque as you chew them. Some types of fruits, such as strawberries and pineapples, are said to have natural teeth-whitening properties, but studies have yet to back these claims up.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Regular brushing and flossing should be your first line of defense against plaque buildup and other issues that result in stained teeth. Brushing gently removes any stains that have built up during the day, while flossing decreases the amount of bacteria in your mouth.

Have Your Teeth Cleaned Regularly

No matter how well you brush and floss, a certain plaque buildup will still occur on the surface of your teeth. Scheduling professional cleanings every six months helps keep this under control.

Consult With Your Dentist

Because there’s no one-size-fits all answer to professional teeth-whitening strategies, your first step to a brighter smile should start with a consultation at our office. Dr. Nathaniel M. Taylor and the rest of the team at North Royalton Family Dental will listen carefully to your concerns and goals to help map out a customized plan to a gorgeous smile.

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