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The Dangers of Over-Whitening

If you whiten your teeth too much with drugstore kits, there are some risks of over-whitening.

Over the past decade or so teeth whitening kits have become very popular. It seems like everyone wants to whiten their teeth at least a few shades. Everywhere you look drugstores have teeth whitening kits that are very accessible and cheap. These kits that you can find at the store too often contain harsh and harmful chemicals that can hurt your dental health. There are many concerns and side effects that come from this kind of teeth whitening, which can include:

  • tooth sensitivity
  • gum irritation
  • too soft or rough tooth surface
  • demineralization
  • risk of tooth fracture
  • color change of dental restorations

Why is it not safe?

It seems that the #1 complaint from this type of teeth whitening is tooth sensitivity. That means that your teeth are not just sensitive while using these whitening strips but also while you are out in the environment and are made more sensitive by the food and drinks that you consume. It can make for some very unpleasant days and without proper care that sensitivity can just get worse.

The whitening trays found at drugstores are meant for teeth, not our gums. When these harsh chemicals get on gums they will cause stress and irritation on that tissue. Also if you are more likely to get canker sores the whitening solution can make them much worse.

Here at North Royalton Family Dental we believe that your smile should not only look great but feel good as well. By continuing to whiten your teeth without the proper supervision and tools you are asking for continued tooth pain and problems.

A Safer Alternative

In-office teeth whitening treatments are much safer and much more pleasant. You can also see the results in less time. Our North Royalton cosmetic dentist can help with your teeth whitening needs. Certain foods, drinks and habits can cause the discoloration of your teeth and we will work together to make a plan to avoid staining in the future. We will keep a record of your teeth so you will be able to see your progress over time. The procedure will be done in our comfortable office and can take up to an hour. We are confident that you will be very pleased and surprised with how fast your results will come. Ditch the harmful, drugstore teeth whitening trays and come in to our office today to find the safe, simple way to whiten your teeth.

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