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Tooth Kandy: What is it, and is it Safe?

Tooth Kandy is a new trend that might not be so new. Tooth Kandy specializes in cementing jewels onto your teeth. This was a popular thing in the ‘90s and removable mouthpieces called “Grills” were trendy in the early 2000s. “Grills” are a little more practical because the person wearing it could remove it at any time. It was more comfortable to wear because professional dentists and orthodontists custom fitted it to the client’s mouth. This is not the case with Tooth Kandy.

What is Tooth Kandy?

Anyone can become certified in installing Tooth Kandy jewels. But, the cement and process is similar to installing braces or fillings, and professional dentists and orthodontists should be the only ones using it. These implants and decorations can cause severe and permanent damage to teeth and gums if applied incorrectly. Tooth Kandy is not as easily changed or switched out like earrings or piercings. With orthodontic-grade cement, these jewels can last for a long time.

Tooth Kandy is not as strong as braces or fillings. The gemstones and decorations can break or fall out. It‘s a cosmetic procedure with no health benefits and no insurance coverage. These jewels and decorations might look shiny and appealing up close but from a distance they can be mistaken for large pieces of food stuck in your teeth.

Why Your North Royalton Family Dentist Says No to Tooth Kandy

North Royalton Family Dentists want your families to have the happiest and healthiest teeth and smiles. We dedicate ourselves to having the highest standards for cosmetic and standard dental care. Tooth Kandy is not beneficial to your teeth and can cause short term and long term problems. Everyday routines such as brushing and flossing could become more difficult and increase your likelihood of cavities. The inside of your mouth is an extremely sensitive part of your body and be easily damaged.

Having jewelry and gemstones cemented to your teeth can be extremely uncomfortable during daily activities like speaking and eating. Food can get stuck on the jewels, and they may even scratch the inside of your lips or mouth.

Your North Royalton cosmetic dentist can provide you with many cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, veneers, and Invisalign. When it comes to improving your smile, we recommend seeking out a qualified dentist to help you make your cosmetic decisions.

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